WordPress Maintenance Services

No more stress from WordPress

Whether you’re a business owner, blogger, or online store owner, our WordPress maintenance services can help you get the most out of your site. With our help, you can focus on running your business while we take care of the technical details.


For website owners who are looking for essential maintenance and peace of mind.

Daily backups and off-site storage
Monthly updates (WP core, themes and plugins)
Uptime monitoring
Free restoration
24/7 emergency fix
Monthly reports
Email Support


per month


For website owners who want to take their WordPress maintenance and support to the next level

All features of Starter plan
Enhanced security measeures (Firewall setup)
Priority email support
Website editing (up to 4 tasks per month)


per month


For website owners who demand the highest level of maintenance, support, and peace of mind

All features of Pro Plan
Advanced security measures (Firewall, malware removal)
Website editing (10 tasks per month)
Priority email support


per month

Free restoration & emergency fixes

With each plan, we are fully taking care of your WordPress website. If your website goes down for any reason, we will get it fixed.

Safe updates

Safe updates for WordPress sites provide enhanced security, bug fixes, performance improvements, compatibility with new features, and long-term stability. Keeping your WordPress site up to date through safe updates ensures a secure, reliable, and efficient website experience for users while minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities, conflicts, and compromised data.

Safe updates - wordpress maintenance services
Daily backups - wordpress maintenance services

Disaster recovery plan

By performing daily backups, you ensure that in the event of a disaster, such as hardware failure, cyber attacks, or accidental deletions, you have a recent and reliable copy of your data that can be restored. Daily backups are a crucial component of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy, providing peace of mind and enabling swift recovery in case of emergencies.

Always online

Staying online is crucial for businesses and organizations, as it directly impacts user experience, revenue generation, and reputation. With uptime monitoring, you can be the first to know when your site goes down or experiences disruptions. By receiving real-time alerts, you can quickly identify issues and take immediate action to fix them Uptime monitoring empowers you to stay ahead of potential problems and promptly address them, keeping your website up and running smoothly.

Uptime Monitoring - wordpress maintenance services

Frequently Asked Questions

Website maintenance is like taking care of a website to make sure it stays safe, works well, and looks nice. Just like you brush your teeth to keep them healthy, website maintenance helps keep a website healthy too!

Website maintenance is important because it helps protect a website from bad things like hackers, bugs, or things that can make it stop working. It also helps make a website faster, so people can see and use it quickly.

Website maintenance includes things like making sure everything on the website is up to date, backing up the website in case something goes wrong, checking for problems or errors, and helping fix them. It’s like giving the website a regular check-up.

Some parts of website maintenance can be done by yourself, like adding new content or pictures. But for the important stuff, it’s better to have experts who know all the technical things and can make sure everything is done right.

If your website goes down for any reason, we will resolve it quickly so you won’t experience any loss and your customers won’t notice it. We will work quickly to fix the problem and make sure your website is back to normal. You can count on us to take care of any issues that come up.

Yes, you can cancel the website maintenance service if you no longer need it or want to stop using it.